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Release - August 15th, 2022

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✨ New ✨

Bar Charts and New chart toggle


More Detail

We've releeased the first wave of our new chart types - bar charts! This includes a regular bar chart for a single time series as well as grouped and stacked for dimension groupings. This also includes a new chart toggle on top of every chart widget in the Transform app where you can switch between desired chart types.

Find the chart toggle on the top right hand corner of every chart.

Google Authentication


More Detail

You can now use Google to sign in with Transform! Use the "Sign in with Google" button on the login page.

Similar to Transform's user/password authentication, users signing in with Google must have an active Transform organization that accepts the email domain you are signing up with, or you must be explicitly invited by another member.

Note: If you initially sign in with user/password and then switch to signing in with Google, you must login with Google for all future logins.

Data Source Inference Beta


More Detail

We have added data source inference as a Beta feature. It allows new users to quickly get started with Metricflow by bootstrapping their data source configurations from a warehouse connection. Currently, only Snowflake is supported, but stay tuned for future updates!

Please note that this is still Beta feature. As such, it should not be expected to be free of bugs, and its CLI/Python interfaces might change without prior notice.

Learn more about data source inference through the documentation.