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Release - October 10th, 2022

· 3 min read

✨ New ✨

Boards V2.2


We’re excited to announce Boards v2.2. It contains the following features:

  • Favorites — you can now favorite a Board by clicking the star icon at the top of the Board page.
  • New homepage sections — there are now even more sections to make discovering Boards easier: Favorites, Recently Viewed, and Popular Boards.
  • Multiple Board Owners — you can now add other individuals and teams to help own and manage the Board.
  • Visibility — you can now set your Board's visibility to either (1) Board Owners only or (2) Organization.
  • Time Granularity — you can now apply a time granularity to the charts on your Board via the Time Granularity button on the global filter bar.
  • Text Tiles — you can now drag-and-drop text tiles onto your Board to add any relevant context (under the More Content tab in the edit mode sidebar).
  • Explore in Query — if you click on the three dots of any chart, you'll see an option called "Explore in Query". Any changes you apply while on the Board page—applying filters from the global filter bar or changing the chart type—will get carried over into the Query editor.
  • Favorite Boards Section on Transform App Homepage — you'll now see a new section at the top of your Homepage for easy access to your favorite Boards.

Semi-Additive Measures


We added the ability in MetricFlow to specific dimensions that are non additive in a measure, otherwise known as a semi-additive measure. This is used when we can aggregate a measure on certain dimensions, but not on other dimensions.

Please refer to the MetricFlow pull request and changelog for more details.

Single Value Chart Aesthetic Updates


We modified the look and feel of our single value charts by centering the value and adding arrows to flip through values associated with a grouping.

🐛 Bug Fixes 🐛

Y-Axis starting point


We fixed a bug where the y-axis did not start at 0 when only negative values exist for a given metric.

Persist chart type from Metric page to Query page.


We made an improvement around persisting the chart type that was applied on the metric page to the query page when you click “Create Query” from a metric.

Filter and Group By Typing Values Bug


We fixed a bug where typing dimension names in the filter and segment by menus was not working.