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Transform's JDBC driver enables you to issue queries and build reports in Mode Analytics using Transform's MQL query syntax. The benefits of this integration are that if you are a Mode user or plan to adopt Mode, you can be confident that the queries you are executing are coming from a single source of truth that you defined in Transform.

As a hosted Transform user, Transform manages the server necessary to connect Mode.


  • Mode Analytics Instance
  • The user setting this connection up is an admin of Mode
  • Hosted Transform Deployment with JDBC enabled

Installation Steps

  1. Navigate to the Transform Metrics Catalog under Setting --> Integrations

  2. Click "Request Access" in the modal.

  3. Shortly after you request access, Transform will send you the host and port information to connect Mode over Slack or Email.

  4. Once you receive your host and port information from Transform, Navigate to Mode Analytics at Definitions —> Data —> Manage Connections and on the upper right-hand corner of the page choose Connect a Database.

  5. In the dropdown menu of the list of databases, search and select "Transform".

  6. Give your connection a Name and a Description. Fill in the Host, Port, User, and Password, that you received from Transform. Click Connect at the bottom of the setup page.

  7. You will get a successful connection prompt upon success. Click "New report" in the success prompt and start querying your metrics!


Transform's JDBC connector uses Apache Calcite Avatica which is the same interface as Apache Druid.