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Boards is a beta feature.


Boards allow you to watch and manage collections of metrics and queries you care about for yourself, your team, and your company. You can ensure that the metrics and queries on your Boards are accurate and blessed by your data teams because they are backed by MetricFlow—Transform’s governed metrics framework.

Boards are dashboards that are:

  • Easier to create and maintain
  • Safer and more approachable to use for anyone at your company

The current visualization types Transform supports on Boards and throughout the application are: line, bar, area, single value, and tables. Chart types can be changed on a Board chart (and on any chart widget in the application) by clicking the graph icon in the top right-hand corner.


If you click the three dots on any chart, you'll see an option called "Explore in Query". If you click "Explore in Query," any changes you apply while on the Board page—applying filters from the global filter bar or changing the chart type—will get carried over into the Query editor.

Accessing Boards

You can access Boards through the left navigation of the Transform application.