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Questions and Answers

Questions on the metric page allow users to interact and ask questions of metric owners in order to get a better understanding of the metric.

For users

All users can view and respond to questions as long as they have access to the metric page - they do not have to be metric owners. A question will be marked as "Unresolved" until a metric owner marks it as "Resolved." Users can "like" questions and question replies to show support for questions and answers.

To add a new question, click on the "Post Question" button. You'll be prompted to include a text description of your question. Select the severity of the question (ranging from Low to Critical), and to whom you would like to address this question - one or more Metric Owner(s) who own this metric.

For metric owners

When a question is asked on a metric for which you are the owner, you will receive an email notification that a question has been asked. From there, use the "View Question" button to be linked directly to the question.

When the question has been answered, mark it as "Resolved" for other users to see.