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Approval Workflows

Approvals and Change Management

Metric approval is an important part of the lifecycle management of a metric. It dictates how often the metric is reviewed by an owner so that consumers can be confident that it is ready to share broadly. Having consistent approval cadences ensures the metric is up-to-date, accurate and can be used for reporting within an organization. Approval information for a particular metric can be found on the right hand panel on the metric page. The "Last Approved Date" indicates the last time the owner(s) approved the metric.

Any Metric Owner can approve a metric directly in the User Interface. When the "Approve" button is selected, a prompt will open up that asks the owner a set of questions verifying the validity of the metric with a final approval button. Periodic email reminders are sent to Metric Owners to remind them to approve the metric. If the metric hasn't been approved in multiple weeks, the "Last Approved Date" turns red, indicating some action needs to be taken by the owners to validate the metric.

The "Last Change" date indicates the last code change that was made to the metric, so you can effectively govern and audit any changes to the metric.