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Metric Tiers


Metric Tiers represent the importance of the metric in a given organization. Tiers options are 1, 2, and 3. Tiers ensure that the most important metrics are treated with utmost priority, and also provides context to a business consumer on the relative visibility/priority of a given metric.

Tiers can be set in both the configuration files and the UI. If the tier is set in the configuration file, it will not be able to be updated in the UI.

The way Metric Tiers can be used is open to interpretation by an organization. However, it is assumed the Tier 1 is the highest ranking item and Tier 3 is the lowest ranking one (as represented visually by the gold, silver, and bronze icons). Transform recommends that users set a scale for metrics based on trust, importance, or visibility. For example, Tier 1 might be the most visible/important metrics and accessed by everyone in a company, while Tier 3 might be only used by particular teams.