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Query allows you to share your data across various channels.

Add to Board

The Transform App has Boards which allows users to track their important metrics and queries in one place. You can choose to add a Saved Query to a board through the save flow on the Query page or through the explicit "Add to Board" button on the top of the chart.

You must be the owner of the Board to add items to it, but you do not need to be a creator of a Saved Query to add it your board (as long as the Saved Query is published, anyone has access to add it to a Board). You can optionally add your Saved Queries directly from the Board page through the drag-and-drop interface.

You can share your creation as a link by copying it from the menu in the right-hand corner. Users can share a link whether or not they've saved it as a query. You can also share a link to a query that isn't published. Although these queries aren't discoverable throughout the application, the link will work for users it's shared with.

Export as CSV

You can export data as CSV of the chart output. Use the three dots on the top right-hand corner and select "Export CSV". This will download a CSV of the output to your browser.

Exporting with Group By Applied

By default, and for metrics based on additive measures (measures that use an aggregation type of sum or sum boolean), we will show top 25 dimensions on the chart. The remaining will be summed and grouped into an "Other" category, so we do not crowd the chart. You can optionally select "All" in the dropdown next to the grouping menu to see all dimensions or select a specific number of dimensions to show. When you export data as CSV while using a group by, the CSV modal will give you an option to export all the data (without the dimension limit), or to export exactly what the graph shows.

Copying Last Day's Values

The same menu that contains the export CSV also has an option called "Copy Last Day's Values". This simply copies out the latest day of data. If there is a grouping applied, it will copy out each respective dimension and value in list form with the latest date. If there is no grouping applied, it will copy out a single day of data with the date. The copy is meant to allow for easy pasting into a tool like Google Sheets or Excel.