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View SQL

You can view the SQL used to create this dataset toggling over to the SQL tab on the chart.

  • Generated SQL: SQL that ran against Transform's cache to generate the current metric dataset
  • Source SQL: SQL that ran against the data warehouse in the past to originally compute this metric

View Server Logs

If you want to go deeper into the query and troubleshoot, you can optionally navigate to the full logs by clicking "View Server Logs" at the bottom of the modal window.

This page is broken up into four components for a particular query:

  1. Server Log - Shows details of the query execution and any errors or failures if the query didn't succeed
  2. SQL - Shows both SQL used to generate the data from Transform's cache in the current execution and the source SQL used to create the dataset from your data warehouse (same as modal above).
  3. Result - This will show the metric line chart with an option to toggle to Table View. You can also optionally download as CSV or PNG using the "More actions" menu.
  4. Debug - This will show any debug logs that can be used to troubleshoot