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Alerts allow metric owners to create threshold based, raw number based, or percentage based alerts to proactively push notifications for when new metric values trigger some threshold.

Alerts help data owners to know whether a metric value has gone down or up, providing time to investigate, author an annotation, and then publish that annotation to all Subscribers of the metric. We believe this is a much stronger, push-based workflow for keeping track of value changes for the metrics we own.

To access the new Alerts feature, visit any metric that you own and click the settings icon near the upper-right side of the page. From here, you'll see the "Owner Alerts" area where you can create new alerts that will be set for all technical and business owners of the metric. Here, you also have the ability to select how you'll receive those alerts, via Transform in-app notifications, via email, or via Slack alerts (coming soon). Owners who wish to not receive notifications about Alerts on their metrics can toggle off notifications here, also.

The Alerts are currently only able to be set by technical metric owners and by business metric owners. Please note that if there are metric subscribers who would like to also receive metric value change notifications, but who are not owners of that metric, those people can also manually subscribe to the owner alerts by visiting the Notifications pane and toggling on the alert notifications that owners have created. For now, only owners can create the alerts themselves, but anyone can subscribe using the flow above.

In the future, we plan to add support for forecasted metrics, so people can create alerts based actual values versus forecasted values. This will help make the alerts feature even more valuable for companies with financial forecasts already built, or metrics that have weekly, monthly, or annual periodicity. We will also create different alert statuses like "acknowledged", "investigating", and "resolved" to help clarify the state of alerts that have triggered.