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Subscriptions is the foundation of how data insights get delivered to internal customers. By building an understanding of what metrics exist at a company and what people subscribe to those metrics, we begin to form a graph of the social-data connections. By mapping that graph of relationships that exist between a company’s important metrics, the owners of those metrics, the consumers of those metrics, and metadata assets around those metrics, Subscriptions unlocks the ability for Transform to deliver timely insights and context, at scale.

Data producers at a company who create metrics using MetricFlow will automatically be subscribed to the metrics they’ve authored in order to ensure they get notifications about when people subscribe to their metrics, when annotations are authored to explain changes in values, or when questions get asked about those metrics that they may be able to answer. Moreover, the technical owners of metrics and the business owners of metrics have a simple workflow to sign up individuals to subscribe to their metrics, ensuring that the right audience of people stays up to date about what’s happening.

Data consumers who come to Transform will also be able to subscribe to any metric they care about--to which they have access. To subscribe to a metric, simply click the “Subscribe” button on any metric page. Furthermore, you can invite other colleagues to subscribe to metrics as well, so they can stay up to date on changes happening with those metrics. If you’d like to understand who is subscribed to a metric, click on the metric settings icon to view all subscribers and to add new subscribers.